Center of mold design and construction.

Molding of parts up to 4.000 tons on line

Divisioni aziendali

Production and Molding

The core business of S.P.L. INDUSTRIES is sheet metal cold pressing. The production department was initially designed for manual and progressive molding for Appliance, Telecommunications, Trucking and Automotive industry, but in 2000's it focused exclusively on Automotive with important investments in large presses and industrial automation, through the installation of several 6-axis robots. As of today we produce parts of the chassis on first fitting for Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, Giulietta, Fiat 500 X, 500 L, Ducato, Panda and Jeep Renegade.

Milling and mold costruction

The milling and mold construction department actually is the technical driving force of S.P.L. INDUSTRIES. The potentiality of this department is due to the large availability of n° 7 CNC milling machines, among them n°4 with 3 axis and n°3 with 5 axis that go from a 2 mt longitudinal stroke up to 8 mt. These high-quality machines, most of which are provided with tool changer (FPT – Parpas – Sachman - Rema Control), allow the feasibility of all kind of works within the Automotive industry (primary) as well as in the other sectors.


The body-in-white department carries out the last stage of the production cycle prior to shipment. When required, the molded parts are further processed by welding the small items designed, such as screws, dice, cages, so that to deliver a finished product that will be then assembled in our customers' facilities, together with the other vehicle body components.

Quality laboratory

The Quality factor plays an increasingly important key role in today's market. A serious assessment of this parameter in all production activities has allowed S.P.L. Industries to stand out among the most prestigious leaders. Therefore, after revising the business procedures according to the new ISO 9001:2015 standard, pushed by our long-standing customers, we have set ourselves to achieve a wider and more specific certification, the IATF 16949, which is still work in progress.

Mold assembly and maintenance

One of the strong points of S.P.L. INDUSTRIES production activity is the mold and machine maintenance department, which have been associated to the mold assembly unit due to their similar operational and organizational competences. Also this department is well equipped and, above all, it is specialised not only to intervene on mechanical maintenance of molds but also of plants and machines. As for electrical maintenance, we established a partnership for around twenty years now with a local specialized company.

Engineering Development

Our Technical Office has developed its own activity to support company processes. When budgeting for the acquisition of new molding orders which also require the mold construction, our Engineering development carries out a preliminary molding method according to which the commercial manager elaborates the breakdown of costs, both for equipment construction and for molding.


The primary task of Logistics unit is to manage the finished product and the incoming raw materials at S.P.L. Industries. Once the materials have been unloaded, specific controls are carried out at the incoming acceptance, checking through a weighbridge of 800 q the correspondence with the weight declared on the transport note. Then, the materials are identified and stored in specific storage areas; in parallel, they are registered in the company computer system.


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The company started its activity in 1987 by the will of Palmioli Sandro. After a significative experience gained working for watch manufacturers in Switzerland, in 1962 he was hired in the Fiat Mirafiori site as specialized technician in metal sheet molds. His outcomes were soon rewarded with level growth, recognitions and Fiat meritorious awards for the innovative technologies introduced. In a few years he was transferred to the technical office of large-size mold Design for automotive industry such as sides, front and rear bonnet, doors, mudguards, etc. and finally, before becoming an entrepreneur, he designed molds for sides and doors of Lancia Tema and Alfa Romeo 164, collaborating in design operations with the great stylist Giugiaro.

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S.P.L. INDUSTRIES Company Structure

S.P.L. INDUSTRIES performs all mechanical maintenance on presses, tending and molds by using only and exclusively in-house resources, allowing fast processes and maximum efficiency.


S.P.L. Industries SRL
Head of Administration
Contrada Rotondo, 10 - 62029 Tolentino (MC)
Ph. +39 0733 960996 - Fax +39 0733 963170
VAT and Fiscal code 01679730430

Technical and Sales Manager
Palmioli Emmanuele
Tel. +39 0733 960996 int. 45

Chairman of the Board
Palmioli Stefano
Tel. +39 0733 960996 int. 41

Mould Design and Construction Manager
Palmioli Daniele
Tel. +39 0733 960996 int. 42

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